XMLOGOS is dedicated to all publishers. Not just professional publishing houses, but for everyone working with content. XMLOGOS allows you to create content tagged in XML without the need to work with the source code.



Content creation

Speed up your work with content thanks to WYSIWYG editor. Creating content is easier than ever!


Focus on content rather than technical issues. XMLOGOS will generate structured XML documents in the background for you.


Export your content to many different formats (XML, CSV, HTML) in one touch. Select the parts to be exported, decide a format and let XMLOGOS finish your work.



Create structured documents in which selected fragments have additional attributes describing the content – references, subject, key words, importance. Metadata extends possibilities for further content processing.

Safe environment

Work in a safe environment in which the system saves and stores a whole history of changes made. Thanks to this you can restore the previous version when needed.
Moreover, the data which is being exchanged between a client and the server is ciphered, so you don’t need to worry about someone stealing it.


Work in the cloud

As XMLOGOS is distributed as SaaS, you can work wherever you are. The only thing you need is access to the internet and a modern browser. All calculations are done by the server instead of your PC, so you can enjoy faster work in a stable environment.


XMLOGOS is compatible with all operating systems and all modern browsers. You don’t have to change for us… we’re changing for you.


Fit XMLOGOS to your needs. Select fragments, fields and a set of attributes required by your project to ensure its better management. Finish your projects faster and with less effort.


Thanks to XMLOGOS you can create content you’ll be able to use today and in the future.

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We do our best to make XMLOGOS an enjoyable experience for you.

Check it out!


We’ll keep your documents safe for as long as you need them. Everything you create is yours, just as it should be. You can store, move, copy and delete all of your content any time you wish.

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Check out how much time we can save for you!

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