We offer a monthly subscription to access XMLOGOS, the online software for building and managing a content in the XML standard for individual and institutional clients. See the price listing.

We are able to implement personalised features by special request to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our qualified team also offers:

  • Text conversion to XML or xHTML format supported by Microsoft Word.
  • Creation of a structured documents database allowing the addition of key words, then filtering the content using these key words.
  • Typesetting in popular DTP programs or in the Arbortext system using an XML structure for automatisation, which will keep the underlying structure untouched after the whole production process.
  • Creation of vector illustrations as well as editable mathematical or chemical formulas.
  • Managing and organising of publishing tasks.
  • Technical and substantive redaction.
  • Correcting documents in a database.
  • Book publishing – from a manuscript to a printed copy.
  • The preparation of content for digital publication.
  • The preparation of modern, digital presentations.

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